Our goal & mission is to RAISE THE STANDARDS of housing in Vietphái mạnh by BUILDING TRUST. We work khổng lồ deliver international quality properties và positive sầu customer experiences, thereby resulting in attractive investment returns for stakeholders và positive social developments for local communities.

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According to lớn schedule, phase 1 of Hera project’s first apartments have officially been handed over...
National Housing Organization (N.H.O) has been honored with two prestigious awards at this year’s...

N.H.O was honored at the 6th annual viet phái mạnh property awards 20trăng tròn with two prestigious awards.

Oct 13, 2020

National Housing Organization (N.H.O JSC.) was founded in 2012 with a clear goal: To develop & construct homes in Vietnam giới khổng lồ support the increasing demands for affordable home page ownership.


N.H.O develops và builds high unique và affordable apartments with exceptional skills & experience. We always endeavor to lớn give people a better place lớn live.


N.H.O strives to lớn build differentiated townhouses surrounded by convenient facilities and a pleasant environment for residents to enjoy, using the latest green & sustainable building technology.

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N.H.O creates excellent urban area with smart design và in-depth knowledge gained through the local & international experience, while providing higher living standards.

"The reason why we chose Sky 9 was because the price was reasonable và quite competitive sầu around this area. The apartment also offers different amenities such as a gym and swimming pool."

"Saigon Metro Park has the spaces for my children khổng lồ exercise and have sầu fun. Also, living environment makes me feel cozy & comfortable. And the apartment is designed intelligently, meeting our family demands."

"After moving here, I feel happier and safer. Thanks khổng lồ the excellent security system & luxurious và cozy interior design of Luxury Residence."

thanhcongtower.com Tel: (+84) 28 3845 9963 Address: 44B Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 15, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC