Top 16 free apps like mliveu : hot live show for android

A lot of people think they will never need one of the great live streaming apps for app android on their smartphones. That is until they really need the app & are stumped because they find some really bad ones in the Google Play Store.

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I was like those guys, “Why would I ever need a live streaming phầm mềm for Android, I’m a private person!” That all changed when I had khổng lồ live  stream a wedding to relatives on Skype. Let me tell you, it was a nightmare to vị so.

Thankfully just before I was about lớn cry with frustration, a good friend of mine suggested live streaming the proceedings. I promptly downloaded the app & started broadcasting the wedding with ease! I even placed my phablet in the shallow front pocket of my coat and didn’t even have to lớn use my hands. At one point 3 different streams were being broadcasted of the same wedding, it was truly one amazing experience, especially for family living abroad.

However, there is always a catch in pitches sounding too good khổng lồ be true. Likewise, the best live streaming apps for game android all come with some minor annoyances. But almost all of them have the tendency khổng lồ crash after extended usage.

I would recommend that you stream in 30-minute sessions as the smartphones tend khổng lồ get hot under this much duress. Also, only use vị trí cao nhất of the line devices for live streaming purposes, the mid khổng lồ low end will simply crash immediately or won’t even launch the app.

Note: The 5 best live streaming apps for game android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy chú ý III smartphone. This mid-range ex-flagship worked well considering the load these apps put on the hardware. There were crashes faced with each of the apps at one point or another, but they were very rare. I noticed a direct relation between the điện thoại getting hot và the ứng dụng crashing, so I would advise that you either use a latest flagship or broadcast in small bursts. All of the apps in the list require an active, stable và good mạng internet connection lớn work.

1. Ustream


What if you don’t want lớn stream real life from your smartphone?

Maybe you want to stream a điện thoại videogame lớn the world và show your thumb-skills. Mirrativ has the right answer for you; this is a great phầm mềm that allows you lớn mirror your game android screen và broadcast it to lớn the viewers. This feature is a god send for troubleshooting & tutorials. I will be using this tiện ích to sạc point what my relatives are having trouble with their Android và help them in minutes instead of wasting hours.

The tiện ích has a great feature phối which is essential in streaming screens. While all the other live streaming apps on the danh sách have rigid buttons on the screen, this one allows you lớn move them with ease. I had a great time with the tiện ích but there were some problems as well.

You cannot stream a resource heavy title on mid-range devices. I tried to lớn run GTA San Andreas và stream it but the app simply crashed. It might have to vì chưng something with the RAM usage but I’m not sure.

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Free Version


This concludes the best live streaming apps for app android list. I know there are a few more available on the Google Play Store, but they all crashed either instantly or when starting the streams for me. I highly recommend that you install at least 2 of the apps from this list and keep them on the phone in case the other starts acting up.

So, what vày you seek in a live streaming app? và most importantly, what will you stream when you get these apps?

Drop a phản hồi below with your stream link and I’ll kiểm tra out what you are up to.