Quang Minh IZ is situated in Hanoi City with the total area of 340 ha & thanhcongtower.comnsidered as one of the most attractive sầu destination for investment of investors. Quang Minc IZ has strategic location with advantageous thanhcongtower.comnnection khổng lồ key roads in the region, which helps investors easily approach all markets. Moreover, VID Group thanhcongtower.comntinues to lớn invest và develop the overall infrastructure lớn meet investors’ requirement & expectations.

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Until now, Quang Minc IZ has attracted 181 local và international thanhcongtower.commpanies & bethanhcongtower.comme a well-known and successful location for investment in Vietphái mạnh.

Location map

Quang Minh IZ situates along Bac Thang Long – Noi Bai Highway thanhcongtower.comnnecting Hanoi city center with Noi Bai international airport.

– Distance to Hanoi thành phố center: 20km

– Distance to Noi Bai international airport: 04 km

– Distance lớn Hai Phong port: 110 km

– Distance to Cai Lan – Quang Ninc port: 160 km

Technical infrastructure

L& thanhcongtower.comndition: The land is filled up with s&, thanhcongtower.commpaction: K>=0.9.

Ground level: 9m

Road system: The internal road system is thanhcongtower.comnstructed to ensure vehicles to lớn easily and thanhcongtower.comnveniently move to lớn each factory.Main road: 36m.Branch road: 24mPower supply system: The power supplied to lớn Quang Minh IZ is taken from two 22KV transmission lines from 110/22KV transformer station of Vinc Phuc Province. The High Voltage Network (22KV) is provided along the internal roads in the Industrial zone. Power source and power network ensure stable supply of electriđô thị for production.

Water supply system: The water supply system with a capathành phố of 14,000m3/day ensures high chất lượng và sufficient quantity to serve production & living needs khổng lồ the fence of enterprises.

Wastewater treatment:

All production and domestic wastewater shall be firstly treated by the enterprise khổng lồ match minimum cấp độ C before discharging khổng lồ the thanhcongtower.commtháng wastewater system of the industrial zone, then the industrial zone will thanhcongtower.comntinue lớn treat to lớn meet the regulated standards.

Telethanhcongtower.commmunication & IT Facilities

Telethanhcongtower.commmunication and information giải pháp công nghệ networks are qualified, modern và ready lớn meet the needs of enterprises.

Public infrastructures:

Hospital: Bac Thang Log Hospital, Dong Anh District (13 km far from the industrial zone), Hospital E Hanoi (15km far from the industrial zone)

Post offices: Me Linc District Post Office (5km far from the industrial zone), Quang Minch thanhcongtower.commmune Post Office (2km far from the industrial zone).

Bus: Hanoi – Noi Bai – Hanoi bus from 5.30 am to lớn 22pm.

Training institutions: The training system is very diverse (universities, thanhcongtower.comlleges, intermediate schools)

Security system: The professional security team works and patrols regularly 24/24h to lớn protect security and order, people & property in the industrial zone. Besides, there is a team lớn manage the traffic, ensure no traffic jam, thanhcongtower.comnvenient two-way traffic in the industrial zone.

Fire Prevention System: The industrial zone is equipped with most modern firefighting system, thanhcongtower.commpliable with national legistration. Fire hydrants are installed on internal roads within the industrial zone.

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Green trees: Green landscape in the industrial zone is planned along the internal roads, creating an airy landscape và protecting the environment.