The Oxford Collocations Dictionary shows you which words work together. It helps you khổng lồ express your ideas naturally and convincingly và is particularly useful for writing.

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Look up a word lớn find out which words are used with it. Find the right word combination for your context from the most frequently used combinations.

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Choose "Collocations" from the tìm kiếm box options khổng lồ look up words in this dictionary.

Collocations are grouped by part of speech. For example, all the verbs that collocate with your tìm kiếm word are listed together.

Double-click on any word to lớn look it up in the Oxford Advanced Learner"s Dictionary.


The dictionary includes 250,000 word combinations and collocations for 9,000 nouns, verbs and adjectives.

75,000 examples show how collocations are used in everyday British and American English.

25 usage notes give collocations shared by words such as seasons, currencies, and languages.


Downloadable Study pages contain exercises on collocations, plus an answer key.

Topic pages pull together collocations on a particular topic such as business, meetings và sport.



Study pages

16 downloadable study pages contain exercises on how khổng lồ use different types of collocations entries & collocations on particular topics.

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Special pages

10 downloadable pages pull together collocations on a particular topic such as business, meetings, and sport.

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The Oxford Collocations Dictionary is based on the authority of the Oxford English Corpus, a collection of three billion words of text that show the words that really vị go together.

Sample entries

condition issue (noun) language lift (verb) light (adjective) perform rate (noun) speak success suspect (adjective)

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