If you enjoy hip-hop inspired, weed-fueled hijinks, then a movie like 2012’s Mac và Devin Go to lớn High School might be right up your alley. “Young, Wild và Free” is the theme song to said film, which actually stars Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa, i.e. This track’s main vocalists. And these are two individuals who are also genuinely and unanimously recognized as the biggest weed aficionados in rap music. So even beforehand, we already have a good idea where this is going.

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For instance the chorus is held down by another artist, Bruno Mars, who is known to lớn favor intoxicants. And to people such as he & his co-vocalists, ‘getting drunk’ and ‘smoking weed’ are “just” ways they go about “having fun”.

In other words, these are not activities which they are ashamed of. Therefore they “don’t care who sees” them doing it. And being allowed khổng lồ behave in such a manner, under their estimation, is equivalent to “living young… wild & free” – as nature intended.

“Young, Wild & Free” is about the freedom of expressing oneself freely

Indeed from the onset of the first verse, which is rendered by Wiz Khalifa, now this track isn’t reading lượt thích a pro-weed song per se. Rather we are able to gather that its main theme is freedom of self-expression.

That’s why the rapper at hand doesn’t quite understand why other people should be concerned with how he dresses or the fact that he loves blazin’ ganja. He also expresses later how he respectively đơn hàng with his male and female associates. But truth be told, more wordage is dedicated to lớn Wiz’s love for smoking joints than anything else.

Snoop Dogg

Now by 2011, i.e. The year in which this song was dropped, Snoop Dogg was already 40 years old – not necessarily what most people would call young nowadays. And he acknowledges such in a way, by noting how he feels “like (he’s) 17 again”. 

And whereas he doesn’t state the source of his youthful vigor, the implication is that it has to vày with him constantly handling marijuana. Indeed Snoop not only presents himself as an avid smoker but also someone who is ‘flipping’, i.e. Selling, in the skunk. And this is something which came true formally a few years later, when he officially entered the weed business.

Are you sure “Young, Wild và Free” isn’t pro-weed song?

There is then a third verse which the artists deliver in unison, like a back-and-forth between Wiz & Snoop. Now maybe we have khổng lồ take back our earlier statement, for as the tuy vậy progresses it clearly develops a more overt pro-marijuana tone. But again, it’s not like the vocalists are doing so as a message khổng lồ politicians or advocating that others pick up the practice also. Rather the homeys are like they’re going khổng lồ enjoy it regardless, as that’s what they do for leisure.

And combining these sentiments with those found in the bridge a bit later on, what they seem khổng lồ be conclusively putting forth is that it is their ‘youth’ & ‘wildness’ which affords them the ‘freedom’ to lớn behave so. Or put differently, their lifestyles – such as Wiz ‘owning a car but no job & children’ – actually afford them the leeway to lớn chill & smoke all the time if they want to. And yes, chillin’ và smoking all the time is exactly what they want lớn do.

In Conclusion

So in the end, we’ll say that there’s some type of general philosophy contained within these lyrics which transcend the weed culture, asserting that youth combined with, shall we say a lack of responsibility gives one the liberty to lớn have fun at will. But at the same time, that belief is put almost exclusively within the context of utilizing said freedom to lớn perpetually smoke marijuana.


“Young, Wild và Free” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Snoop Dogg và Wiz KhalifaFeatured Artist(s): Bruno MarsAlbum/EP:“Mac và Devin Go khổng lồ High School”

Was “Young, Wild & Free” a single release?

Yes. It was a single from the album, “Mac và Devin Go to High School”. October 11 of 2011 was the date on which “Young, Wild & Free” was released.


The song was written by:

SnoopBrunoKhalifaL. CarltonJ. GuerinP. LawrenceA. LevineC. BrownT. BluechelT. GriffinK. JacksonN. LeeM. NewmanM. BarrowM. BennettJ. SampleT. ScottProduction 

It was produced by The Smeezingtons (a team of songwriters and producers which included Bruno)

What music genre is “Young, Wild và Free”?

It can be classified as a Pop-rap song.


In 2013, the song earned a “Best Rap Song” nomination at the Annual Grammy Awards. It was nominated alongside:

“Ni**as in Paris” (Jay-Z and Kanye West) – WinnerOther Accolades

“Young, Wild và Free” was praised by music critics for being outstanding from other songs with a piano hook & hip-hop drums. The tuy vậy made it to đứng top ten charts in many countries, which was an indication of how successful it was commercially. It was certified six times platinum by the RIAA.

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Chart PerformanceUS – 7UK – 12Switzerland – 6Poland – 3Norway – 6New Zealand – 2Netherlands – 7Italy – 5Israel – 3France – 6Canada – 10Australia – 4Australia – 4 Movie(s)

It featured in the 2012 movie “Mac & Devin Go to lớn High School”, directed by Dylan Brown.